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Started by saichinni, Nov 21, 2020, 02:49 am

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Mangago is a traditional Japanese art, which usually consists of comics and storylines in the form of black and white images and text. Over the last few years, these comics have become quite popular across the globe.

According to media reports, Manga had come to market in the early 20th century and never looked back since then. Internet connectivity has further popularized Manga in the next few years, quite remarkably.

Other related Japan-based arts are in the form of Anime, Hentai, and others. However, each of these art forms is completely different from one another. You can use the term 'Japanese Story Telling' or simply, cartoons/ comics, in layman's language.

Today, people of all ages irrespective of their geographical boundaries love reading Manga. They spend considerable time knowing what happens next - thanks to brilliant storylines of the Manga series.

Today, this Japanese art form has emerged out as a major attraction among comic readers.

The sad part is, many readers can't enjoy Manga because of the non-availability of a proper and reliable site that could provide them with the latest updates.

Download the Mangago App on your Android-operated smartphone now to get started.

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