Pension Transfer Schemes for Expats

Started by johnmarksamuel004, Jun 24, 2020, 03:12 pm

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Your pension scheme could be set up against a variety of scenarios, such as a defined benefit plan, in which case your future pension planning is secured and simply adjusted for inflation. This means that you can strategically identify which assets might be prone to fluctuations, and which are not, to decide which require your focus.
Remember that the markets will not affect a State Pension or other state benefits plan, and your annuities may provide protection with defined payments which are also not impacted.
Set aside some time to work through your anticipated income requirements and calculate how much of that is provided for by secured regular payments. If you are already living abroad as an expat you will already know about the costs of living and may understand which income streams provide the most tax-efficient options.
Should you be planning to relocate abroad, now is a great time to take stock of the budget you have in place, analyze your plans for renting or purchasing a property, and consider whether any of the market fluctuations demand an adjustment in how you access your income streams and pension transfer.
If you anticipate a gap in your income and requirements, you can take a close look at any non-essential outgoings and consider whether these can be adjusted or cut back to avoid any shortfall. Alternatively, access expert support in leveraging your portfolio in the best possible way to generate the income you require to secure the expat retirement planning - in whichever country that might be!
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