How to discover off-line properties for sale?

Started by davidpaul41, Jun 25, 2020, 03:28 pm

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Are you looking to buy the perfect property, perhaps to extend your portfolio or to upsize to your dream family home, but struggling to find the right one on the usual property portals and agents' websites? Have you considered that there may be unlisted properties which agents aren't openly marketing?
Some vendors choose to market their properties "offline"; this could be to privately test the market, or maybe to secure a discreet sale with the right buyer. Whatever the reasons, these off-line properties often come with great deals, less public competition, and quicker sale times. For many buyers in West Sussex, an off-line property is the perfect choice. But if the properties are off the open market, how do you find them?
The Residential Sales team at Tod Anstee will be more than happy to show you any properties that might be the right fit, once you register your interest. The ideal luxury property could already be listed online so make sure to check out the complete selection of property for sale in Chichester.

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