Top tips to achieve 7 points in IB Maths AA and AI

Started by baccalaureateclass, Sep 15, 2020, 04:59 pm

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In IB Math, anybody and everybody will tell you that practice is the most important. While this is key in achieving accuracy and speed in your exams, it is also equally important to practice smartly. Practicing questions without understanding questions or concepts will not help you solve unfamiliar questions that can form a major part of your question papers in math. AA and AI both require in-depth and conceptual understanding of relevant topics. Without this understanding, it is very difficult to score in exams since IB math papers are designed to test this understanding. Hence, make sure that you have understood all topics well. Clarify what you do not understand with your IB Maths tutor to ensure you understand everything the syllabus mentions.

Practicing questions not only helps improve understanding in a concept but also gives you confidence in yourself. A good place to start is by answering questions in books at the end of every chapter. These will give you a good foundation but will not be enough. An excellent way to practice more questions is by using online resources like IB online tutoring. Our IB Math tutors have a wide range of resources besides what is available in school. They can not only provide you with practice questions but also help you understand concepts or solve any difficult questions in detail.

Learning concepts from books is a good start but not always enough. Use resources online like IB tutoring to expand your learning and look at a concept in more than one way. This will give you a larger perspective and a deeper understanding of the concepts, enabling you to answer any indirect or unfamiliar questions that are asked in exams. Our IB Math online tutors can help you look at the same concept or the same type of questions differently and solve them in more than one way. You may come across a method that helps you save time in solving the question or help you understand the concept much better. Group studying, brainstorming in groups or helping your classmates is another great way to register concepts and practice questions.

Time management is an important aspect in solving questions. Even though you have understood concepts well and practiced thoroughly, it is inevitable that you will find some confusing or difficult questions in your paper. To be able to prioritize and gain as much marks as you can, practice at least 5-8 past papers within time constraints of an actual exam. These practice sessions are barring any exams you have at school. Don't forget to mark them or get them marked by your ib online tutor to keep a track of your progress.

This is an important step that many students forget. Mistakes made during practicing or during school exams are generally forgotten by the time actual board exams arrive. Make your very own formula booklet which includes all concepts, certain pre-disposed steps like in Mathematical Induction and formulae that the official formula booklet you get in exams does not include. This can include questions or concepts where you have made mistakes too. Revisiting this before exams can reduce repetition of mistakes during your final exams and work as a quick cliff notes version of everything you need to know and have learnt in the two years of the IB DP math. This will help you save time and make your revision efficient, especially when you have more than one exam in a single day.

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