Release Notes - integration 1 Aug 2017

Started by Artur, Aug 10, 2017, 08:35 am

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Release Notes - integration

eZLO Smart Home Automation company proud to announce new Release !

New Z-wave devices now became compatible with eZLO Smart Home Hub:
You can see full list of integrated devices till August,1 in attached file below.

1 Philio Siren PSE02-2B
2 Aeon Labs Dimmer DSC08101-ZWUS
3 Everspring Plug AN163-1
4 JASCO Plug ZW3101
5 Hank Plug HKZW-SO03
6 Everspring Motion sensor SP103
7 Everspring Smoke sensor SF813-2
8 GoControl Switch FS20Z-1
9 Linear Switch WO15Z-1
10 Linear Switch WT00Z
11 GoControl Dimmer WD500Z-1
12 GoControl Plug PS15Z-2
13 Fortrez Water sensor WWA01AA
14 Fortrez Water sensor WWA02AA
15 Everspring Motion sensor HSP02-0
16 Hank Door\window sensor HKZW-DWS01
17 Linear Door\window sensor WADWAZ-1
18 Aeon Labs Switch DSC24-ZWUS
19 Aeon Labs Dimmer DSC25-ZWUS
20 Remotec Thermostat ZTS-500US
21 Philio Motion sensor PST02-A
22 Aeon Labs Scene controller DSA38-ZWUS
23 Remotec Plug ZDS-200NA
24 Everspring Lamp Socket AN145-1
25 Honeywell Thermostat YTH8320ZW1007
26 Aeon Labs Switch ZW078-A
27 Aeon Labs Extender/Repeater/Transceiver DSD37-ZWUS
28 Hank Scene controller HKZW-SCN01
29 Hank Scene controller HKZW-SCN04
30 Aeon Labs Door\window sensor ZW120-A
31 Fortrez Siren SSA2
32 JASCO In-Wall Outlet ZW1001
33 GoControl Bulb LBR30Z-1
34 Remotec Extender/Repeater/Transceiver ZXT-120US
35 Ecolink Door\window sensor DW-ZWAVE2.5-ECO
36 Aeon Labs Door\window sensor ZW112-A
37 Linear Door\window sensor GB00Z-1
38 Utilitech Water sensor TST01-1
39 Everspring Illumination sensor ST815-2
40 Aeon Labs Scene controller DSA03202W-ZWUS
41 Aeon Labs Bulb ZW098-A52
42 Hank Bulb HKZW-RGB01
43 Vision Door\window sensor ZD2201US-5
44 GoControl Siren WA105DBZ-1
45 Hank Switch HKZW-SW01
46 Hank Extender/Repeater/Transceiver HKZW-ACC01
47 Vision Curtain control ZW4111US-5
48 Aeon Labs Energy meter DSB09104-ZWUS
49 Aeon Labs Energy meter DSB28-ZWUS
50 Fortrez Water & Irrigation WV-01-050
51 GoControl Scene controller WA00Z-1
52 HEIMAN Gas sensor HS1CG-Z
53 HEIMAN Motion sensor HS1MS-Z
55 HEIMAN Water sensor HS1WL-Z
56 HEIMAN Door\window sensor HS1DS-Z
57 GoControl Dimmer LB65R6Z-1
58 HEIMAN Temperature and Humidity HS1HT-Z
59 Aeon Labs Door\window sensor DSB04100-ZWUS
60 Aeon Labs Dimmer DSC19103-ZWUS
61 Aeon Labs Switch DSC18103-ZWUS
62 Aeon Labs Siren ZW080-A17
63 Aeon Labs Motion sensor DSB05-ZWUS
64 Ecolink Motion sensor PIRZWAVE2
65 Everspring Door\window sensor HSM02-0
66 Aeon Labs Switch ZW096-A02
67 Aeon Labs Power-Strip DSC11-ZWUS
68 Aeon Labs Water sensor DSB45-ZWUS
69 MCO Home Switch MH-S511H-us
70 Aeon Labs Switch DSC26103-ZWUS
71 MCO Home Switch MH-S212-US
72 Aeon Labs Switch DSC06106-ZWUS
73 Linear Dimmer WD1000Z
74 Hank Plug HKZW-SO01

New Z-wave Command Classes integrated to eZLO ecosystem,
so more devices will be compatible in future!

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